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New 2009 Seminars Announced

Surround Sound Seminars for HDTV Broadcasters

How to Accurately Produce, Monitor & Broadcast HDTV Surround Sound




Surround Sound Training for HDTV...


As the innovator in surround-sound seminars beginning in 1999, Fits & Starts Productions, LLC has taught thousands of audio students and faculty in scores of cities across the country about surround-sound audio production. We have also conducted dozens of surround seminars at SBE (Society of Broadcast Engineers), AES, NAB and Grammy chapters and conferences. We know that the broadcast industry has great challenges ahead of it as digital TV comes of age. Broadcasters and broadcast companies can no longer wait to master the latest surround sound technologies. That is why Fits & Starts Productions LLC is now offering a limited number of seminars specifically tailored to the issues of producing and broadcasting surround sound for HDTV.


Without proper production, monitoring and encoding techniques, HDTV surround sound broadcasts can be fraught with issues such as stereo phase-cancellation, infra-sonic contamination and less than ideal rear-channel content. Any one of these issues can create an inferior and frustrating consumer experience.


This 3-hour seminar led by surround expert Mike Sokol covers all of the above issues using audio examples as well as technical diagrams. Your technical personnel will learn how to listen for and identify surround-sound problems and apply proper solutions before they become an issue for the consumer listening on their home stereo or 5.1 sound system.


Topics include:


4  Bass management frequency selection variables


4  Do broadcast trucks really need a subwoofer for a stereo feed


4  LFE channel monitoring and what it means for home listeners


4  Metadata settings for the broadcast stream


4  Simple calibration procedures for your truck or studio


4  Downmix ratios and how they affect your listeners


4  Selecting monitor speakers for the truck or studio


4  Surround mic techniques using common microphones


4  High-pass filters and their importance in stereo broadcast feeds


4  Additional topics specific to your individual productions available upon request


Please contact Hector La Torre at 732-741-1275 or hector@fitsandstarts.com to schedule an HDTV Surround Seminar at your network, broadcast or distribution facility.



Taught by Audio Engineer and Surround Expert Mike Sokol


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